Guess what I obsess over based on the title of this blog. :P Nothing but quality reblogs. I contribute nothing of value to the universe but my endless fangirling. I do make graphics/gif/screencaps and I don't mind if people use them without asking, but credit/linking is always appreciated - I just won't chase you down calling you a thief for stealing shit I stole from Merlin.

I am that rare and mythical creature that ships Merthur and Mergana. So be warned, you might see them both on here.


Hey Guise

I know it’s been forever since I screen capped anything … and now that Merlin’s over, I just feel mopey.

I’m gonna keep this blog and URL, but I think I’m gonna start a blog for another fandom. I’d always been meaning to go into the Supernatural playground, so I’m gonna start one up and I’ll share a link if anyone’s interested, but there’s probably not gonna be a whole lot of posts on this one anymore as a result.

If you need to unfollow, that’s cool and I don’t take things like that personal at all (I know some people do, I don’t tho). So, uh, it’s been lovely and maybe I’ll see you around in the Supernatural fandom … .

(And that’ll probably end in tears soon too so I can start from square one again.)

I Just Want You To Know …

I am:

  • broken hearted
  • and going to start screen capping from the very beginning of Merlin soon
  • because I am in denial
  • and I love you all!